Reliable, responsive experts in RFID technology.
With over 40 years in the plastics manufacturing industry, Xtreme RFID is able to hone our strengths in engineering and manufacturing to develop the most innovative, solution-focused and value-adding RFID products and technologies in the world.

What makes Xtreme RFID different?

Our decades of experience make us ready and able to help companies of all sizes unlock the power of visibility through RFID technology. How, you may be wondering?

  • Our RFID tags are 100% USA-made
  • We give you the ability to tag, monitor and analyze assets—no matter their environment
  • With engineering expertise for design, prototyping, and production, your RFID tagging needs are solved, all in one place
  • We have the capabilities to customize your RFID tags based on your specific needs

Customization possibilities:

  • Applications: On-metal, High Temp, Multi-Surface, Non-Metallic
  • Tag Types:  Passive, BAP (Battery Assisted Passive), Active
  • Read Ranges: Short Distance, Mid-Distance, Long Distance
  • Inlay Types: NFC, HF, LF, UHF
  • Sensors:  Temperature, Humidity, Moisture, Motion/Movement 

We have been a part of so many rock-solid system stories.
we can be part of yours, let us show you how.